In Act 4 of "The Crucible," what does Parris think Abigail has done?

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In Act IV of The Crucible Reverend Parris has discovered that Abigail has broken into his safe, stolen money, and fled town. Parris understands that this reveals her true character, and that she is only thinking of her own survival. Abigail's actions reveal that Parris and the others assisting in the investigation should be weary of Abigail's many accusations. This move begins to reveal that the entire investigation is merely a dangerous house of cards built on the villagers hysteria. 

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In Act IV of "The Crucible", Parris believes Abigail stole all his money and left town for good. This seems to confirm that Abigail cannot be trusted and that her charges of witchcraft against so many people should be viewed with suspicion. Parris also confirms that he is very concerned with money, but it is Abigail who seems to have escaped the consequences of her actions.

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Paris believes that Abigail has stolen money from him and left the town. 

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