What does Jem tell Scout about his pants in Chapter 7 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Jem, Scout, and Dill had been lurking about the Radley home in chapter six.  They decided to go to the back door but were caught and were racing home when a shot rang out.  All three of them went under the fence.  Jem had held the fence for Dill and Scout, but then got caught on the fence when he tried to scoot under it himself. He had to kick off his pants to get through the fence.  He left in his shorts and headed quickly for home. 

In Chapter 7, Jem tells Scout that he went back for his pants, but  instead of being in the tangle as he left them, they were neatly folded across the fence, ".....like they were expecting me" (pg 58).

They had also been sewn.  He had torn them when he tried to get through the fence. Jem told Scout that he person who did the sewing did not do a very good job.  Jem said it looked all crooked.  It wasn't sewn as a lady would sew it, but like he would have repaired them himself.


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