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What does intestinal juice contain? Which enzymes?Post all questions of one word...

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What does intestinal juice contain? Which enzymes?

Post all questions of one word answers of the digestive system.

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Intestinal juice is a clear to pale yellow liquid secreted by glands in the intestinal walls of the small intestine.  Bearing in mind the purpose of the digestive system is to take the solid food we eat and break it down into a smaller form that can be absorbed directly across capillary walls into the bloodstream, its function is to complete the process started by pancreatic juice.  Among the enzymes present are trypsinogen, which is activated to trypsin.  This is accomplished by enterokinase.  Trypsin activates other protease enzymes, such as procolipase being activated to colipase, which, along with bile salts, enables lipase function.  Erepsin is anotheer enzyme that further cuts proteins into the respective amino acids they are composed of, and completes the digestive process, getting the glucose across the capillary walls into the blood, where it is taken to all the cells in your body.


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Thanks! That helped alot!

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