What does Harper Lee show by displaying contrasting parenting styles (Atticus's and Bob Ewell's)?I'm writing an essay and I have all the quotes and proof I need, I'm just really struggling with a...

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Atticus Finch and Bob Ewell are about as different as Adolf Hitler and Mother Theresa. I can't really say that Bob Ewell has a parenting style. He leaves Mayella to care fore the many neglected children running around the garbage dump. Other than that, Harper Lee's subtext alludes to Bob raping her when he feels like it. Atticus, on the other hand, is a parent who gently leads his children to a place where they are set to become enlightened human beings. I don't just mean self-aware and compassionate in a 1930's sort of way; I mean enlightenment as a sense of human understanding and compassion that defies the ages. You mentioned that you have all the details and quotes so I'll leave it at that but if you need any more help you can E back.

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What Harper Lee shows from the different parenting styles is the two men are very different and that their parenting styles has a huge influence on what their children turn out to be.

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