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What does the document "The Lowell Textile Workers" suggest about the revolution the...

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What does the document "The Lowell Textile Workers" suggest about the revolution the country was undergoing during the 1st half of the 19th century?

What does "The Lowell Textile Workers" suggest about the revolution that the country was undergoing economically and culturally in the first half of the nineteenth century?

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The Lowell workers and their subsequent plight is, simply put, the precursor the labor movement/s later in American history. The "revolution" was the one of immense industrialization that rested upon the sweat of its laborers. The Lowell Women underwent and were victims of wage slavery. This would become a new found manner of enslavement that would not just envelop the United States but all other industrialized nations in the world. The inventions and products of the early nineteenth century drove workers such as those at the Lowell factory to begin intimating about the rudimentary forms of labor rebellion; strikes, etc. Eventually this, like the changing politics of the day developed into social class warfare. More times than not, the events of this era that are dominated by women are not given their due time in the history text/s. This is certainly one of those topics. Do not under estimate the importance and role of the Lowell Ladies to actually start the labor movement and middle class empowerment of the in the United States.

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