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What does deliberately amoral means?The character Edward Blake in the book watchmen is...

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What does deliberately amoral means?

The character Edward Blake in the book watchmen is decribed interesting and `deliberately amoral` what does that mean if someone is deliberately amoral?

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Our sense of morality is usually deeply internalized. We know right from wrong most of the time without needing to stop to think about it. There is a naturally automatic aspect to morality, for most of us. 

If a person were deliberately amoral, he would be choosing to undo his internal morality and, beyond that, choosing to replace it with a code of conduct that has nothing to do with morality or right and wrong. 

To be deliberately amoral means that a person is consciously choosing to remove himself from questions and judgements of right and wrong. We might usually interpret this as a choice to do "wrong" or to become "evil", but there is some grey area.

Most simply stated, a deliberately amoral person refuses to use right and wrong as guides to behavior. 


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I think its meaning is “Knowingly Unethical”.

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