What does the creature ask of Victor?  What does the creature say to Victor in Frankenstein?

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The creature tells Victor the story of how he had spent time observing the family from a cave near a cottage.  He told Victor how he had wanted to be a part of humanity.  He had read books which he had taught himself how to read.  He had seen the beauty of humanity in the books and had become lonely and in need of human interaction in order to live. 

He had made his presence known to the blind man, begging him to save him from his life of loneliness.  When the man's family saw him they had shunned him, screamed, and fainted.  For the creature it was a turning point.  He knew he would never be a man like other men but rather something despised and hunted.  Enraged he had become a killing machine by destroying humans.  He would never feel a mother's love or the wanting touch of a human.

The creature demands that Victor create him a female like him.  He wants Victor to make her from parts the same way he has been formed.  He wants to live with her and promises Victor that he will take her far away from society and live alone with her.  Victor tells him that he can not bring himself to create another creature.

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