What does Cousin Francis tell Scout about Dill's home life in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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About the only thing that Scout and her obnoxious Cousin Francis can agree upon is that Aunt Alexandra is a wonderful cook. After Christmas dinner, Scout sat down with Francis on the back steps. When Francis told her that Alexandra was going to teach him how to cook, Scout laughed and explained that she and Dill were getting married one day, and that she would be doing all the cooking. Francis already knew about Dill from talking with his grandmother. Francis called Dill "that little runt," no doubt stirring up Scout's temper. Francis told her that Dill really didn't have a home and that

"... he just gets passed around from relative to relative, and Miss Rachel keeps him every summer."

Scout defended Dill, of course, but Francis quickly moved on to another subject that only irritated his cousin even more: Atticus' defense of Tom Robinson.

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