What does Antony ask of the conspirators if they plan to kill Caesar in Act 3, Scene 1 of Julius Caesar?

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Antony entered a while after the conspirators had completed their deed. Although they didn’t trust him, Brutus had made an agreement with the others not to kill him. On meeting the conspirators Antony was sure he was going to be killed because of his friendship with Caesar. He however is not afraid and asks the conspirators to kill him if they deem it fit. Brutus instead tries to explain their actions and even offers Antony friendship. After Antony figured that they were not going to kill him he asked that he is allowed to shake the hands of each of them. Antony asked if he would be allowed to take Caesar’s body to the market and speak as a friend about his funeral. However the conspirators did not allow him to talk first because of their fear; instead Brutus spoke first to at least get an opportunity to shape the message to the public. In this regard, Cassius was still doubtful about allowing Antony to speak.

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 Antony asks that they allow him to take the body to the marketplace and, further, that he be allowed to orate at the funeral.

Here are the lines Antony delivers to the Servant (who is to take the news to the conspirators): 

Post back with speed and tell him what hath chanced.

Here is a mourning Rome, a dangerous Rome,

No Rome of safety for Octavius yet;

Hie hence, and tell him so. Yet stay awhile,

Thou shalt not back till I have borne this corpse

Into the market-place. There shall I try,

In my oration, how the people take

issue of these bloody men,

According to the which thou shalt discourse

To young Octavius of the state of things.

Lend me your hand.


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