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What do you think is a reason why some people shame others?im writing an essay on "What...

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What do you think is a reason why some people shame others?

im writing an essay on "What do you think the three major reasons some people shame others?"

low self esteem and delayed emotional development are two topics that I will talk about in the essay, but im having trouble figuiring out the third topic I want to write about.

any help on the third reason why some people shame others?

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A passive aggressive personality often comes with a tendency to want to humiliate other people in hopes of satisfying and inner semi-sadistic want to hurt others. Passive-aggressive persons are those who tend to say things that are hurtful in a tone and manner of speech that does not seem as if they are trying to hurt others. However, this is part of their pre-planned behavior: To use kindness to express an ugly thought, or to use a tone of concern to convey a negative message to other people.

The reason behind passive-aggressiveness is often associated with people with many unfinished businesses in life. That is, people whose development or situation in life does not allow them to fulfill their own personal potential, leading them to a constant feeling of hidden anger towards others. The best way for them to "get back at the world", so to speak, is by pretending to be friendly or caring, and then using that vehicle to inject their agenda. This is the part where the sadism comes into play, but at a much lower scale than your clinical sadist.

Therefore, a major reason to shame others could be that the person has developed a passive-aggressive persona in order to satisfy the personal loss of valuable developmental time.

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some people shame other people to feel good about themselves. they have no self esteem and they feel like if they put others down it will boost their ego and confidence. but thats not a good reason to shame others.

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