What do you think about the dramatic roles in Chekhov's Cherry Orchard? What role would you most like to play?What do you think about these characters? Who would you most like to play as an...

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There are many good roles for actors in Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. Part of your choice of which you might wish to play in reality depends on your age and gender, and your specific acting skills.

Mrs. Ranevsky is an aging aristocrat who can be portrayed either as a comic or a tragic figure. She can be fun as a traditional grande dame or more sympathetic as a victim, who was brought up with skills and attitudes suited to a type of society that no longer exists. She is probably the most challenging (and thus interesting female role)

Trofimov, the idealistic and complex political activist, who can be portrayed as a sympathetic hero or a bit of a fool. As a lead character, he is probably the best male role in the play.

Lopakhin is a successful business man obsessed with making money.

Anya is a romantic female lead, and good role for a young female actress.

Varya is a female “character” actress role.

Simon and Firs are good “character” roles for male actors, with comic potential.


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