What do you think about the relationship beteween Hamlet and his step father Claudius?my essay theme is "when two powerfull men wish for the same?" and i really want to hear some information about...

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Claudius and Hamlet are both passionate (though in different ways) about Gertrude. Claudius has killed to win her, and Hamlet kills Claudius to 'save' his mother from his wicked stepfather. Sadly, Hamlet is misguided in his attempts to protect her, in that he causes more deaths including hers.

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If I may add to the above, Gertrude offers to wipe her son's brow as he is fighting Laertes. She shows her affection for Hamlet. This all happens before she drinks the poison...

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When two powerful men wish for the same, they get the same. Hamlet wishes for Claudius' death. Claudius wishes for Hamlet's death. These two men are at war with one another, even though Hamlet does not reveal his wishes. He secretly plots to kill Claudius. Hamlet wishes to avenge his father's death.

Also, some would argue that both men are competing for Gertrude's love. If this is the case, both men lose in the end for Gertrude is poisoned.

Claudius' motive for desiring to see Hamlet dead is to keep his murderous secret safe. Claudius only plans to have Hamlet killed when he realizes that Hamlet is suspicious of him.

Hamlet does suspect that Claudius has killed his father. For this reason, Hamlet only wants revenge. He is driven merely by the fact that his father has been murdered by Claudius.

In the end, both men die. Both men have their wish granted.

In the end, Hamlet has his mother's love and Claudius dies without her tender affection. She rushes to Hamlet's side as she is dying. In the end, Hamlet wins, but it costs him his life.

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