After watching Jean Kilbourne's Killing Us Softly video what do you think about the impact of advertising on society, women, and men?

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Earlier today, you were asking about gender identity.  Kilbourne's work tells us something about the impact of advertising on our gender identity.  She shows us how advertising gives women a sense of inferiority about their gender and their bodies and how it teaches our whole society to be sexualized and to objectify women.

From Kilbourne's video, I get the idea that advertising makes men and women both objectify women.  It influences women to connect their self-worth to what their bodies look like.  It encourages men to think of women as objects who are fair game for various kinds of exploitation.  This makes our society as a whole more misogynistic.  It also makes us more obsessed with sexuality, leading to things like sexual abuse.

In these ways, advertising seems to have a very negative impact on our society and on people of both sexes.


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