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What do you think about the future of our world?  A given area of land can support a...

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What do you think about the future of our world? 

A given area of land can support a given number of organisms of a given species. Well, the earth is a given area of land, and we as humans are a species. The earth can only hold so many people. Yet, the human population of keeps growing. In fact the biggest cause of species extinction is human destruction of habitat. Are we the next to go? Could we be on the verge of a world collapse? Should we all buy a shotgun and build a fallout shelter?.... Is anybody here a fan of apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic fiction?

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The purpose of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction is to warn people and make people think about what might happen if they don't change their ways. The increase in the human population is a serious problem, but it seems to endanger other species more than it endangers us. More and more land is being taken over by humans, leading to the depletion and probable extinction of such beautiful animals as lions, tigers, elephants, and many others. I believe that the human overpopulation problem will eventually be solved. In many countries there is currently a negative birthrate. The populations are actually declining. These countries include Japan and Italy. China is taking radical measures to solve its terrible overpopulation problem. If the government can succeed in limiting each woman to having only one child, that should make a dramatic difference in a few generations. India does not seem to be trying to enforce birth control, but the economy is improving greatly, and this may automatically lead to a decline in the birthrate.

It seems that the poorest countries have the biggest population problems. If countries can raise their standards of living, then the birthrate should decline, as it has in the developed countries. And with globalization, it would seem that the standards of living should improve all over the world.

It is very encouraging to see the concern that educated young people are showing about the problems facing mankind. It will be up to future generations to face these problems and come up with solutions. It seems to me that the overpopulation problem is one that especially involves women, because they can control the numbers of babies that are brought into the world. This is not a time for hiding in underground shelters or hoarding food or accumulating weapons, but a time for facing problems and finding solutions. We have been through some tough times before, including the Cold War, and we have survived okay. Those apocalyptic stories are only warnings.


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