What is meant in "Blue Winds Dancing?" What is the wisdom? 

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"Blue Winds Dancing" is a lyrical short story by Thomas St. Germain Whitecloud II. Whitecloud was a Native American (Chippewa) author and doctor. The story tells of a young Native American's struggle with growing up in America. The internal struggle of the character exists because of the ancient Indian thought conflicting with modern American expectations.

The wisdom the narrator finds, by the end of the story, exists in the one place he failed to look earlier--the reservation. Once at the reservation, the narrator questions if he is white or Indian. He also wonders if his people will still recognize him. Entering into the lodge, the narrator does not stand out. He is among his people, and no one believes him to be out of place.

After the music and dancing stops, the narrator recognizes that no one is speaking, yet they are still communicating. The narrator finds it curious that so many people can be together, not talk, and still be happy. For him, the wisdom lies in the beauty or togetherness.

On another note, your initial query identified the topic as Vikram Seth. After doing a search for Vikram Seth and "Blue Winds Dancing" nothing was found. "Blue Winds Dancing" is only attributed to Whitecloud.

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