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What do Mr. Charrington and O'Brien have in common

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What do Mr. Charrington and O'Brien have in common

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Mr Charrington and O'Brien are similar as they first appear to be on Winston's side and against the Party but then end up betraying him. They disguise their real intentions from him; in fact Charrington uses a literal disguise of being a benevolent old man when really he is a young, ruthlessly efficient member of the Thought Police. Similarly O'Brien, a senior member of the Party, initially pretends to help Winston's rebellious activities. He tricks Winston into believing that he is part of an inner Party revolt, when really he is loyal to the Party all along, and eventually oversees Winston's torture, interrogation, and manipulation. However, he is not a one-dimensional villain; although completely in service to the Party and its utterly remorseless pursuit of pure power, he is actually quite intelligent and understanding. 


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