What do all members of the Protist Kingdom have in common?



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Kingdom Protista includes eukaryotic organisms which don't easily fit into any other category. They vary by their method of locomotion and food-getting strategies. In terms of size, many members are unicellular, or, if multicellular in a colony for example, there is no evidence of tissue formation. They are simply cells that remain together without any higher level of organization. Some are animal-like, or Protozoa, some are plant-like, mainly algae, some are fungus-like, including slime molds. A common thread amongst this group is that they live in an aquatic or moist environment and have cells which contain organelles including an organized nucleus.

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They live in any environment that contains liquid water.

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 They live in an aquatic environment.

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All members of the Protist Kingdom live in an aquatic environment 

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