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What is the different the perspective with the character Chief Broom Brondin from the...

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What is the different the perspective with the character Chief Broom Brondin from the film & how he is portrayed in the book.

The film MacMurphy <Jack Nicholson>  is the central character where all the other inmates respond to his behavior -- what I am interested in is how the novel presents the Chief's perspective and the story is being told from his point of view.  Seeking variances on how the two characters differ and how.

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I would say that the primary difference between both depictions of the Chief is that the book places a primacy on his role as narrator and the film sees him as more of a result of McMurphy's efforts to bring change.  In the film, the Chief is seen as a consequence, the ultimate consequence, of McMurphy's desire to bring about change to the lives of the people in the asylum.  In the novel, Chief is the narrator.  Such a difference reflects the difference in depiction.  In the novel, we only know of the world through Chief's eyes.  In the film, we see everything through a detached frame of reference, but we identify more with McMurphy because his voice is the "new" voice in the asylum, and like us, he is shocked by what he sees.  The book features Chief's voice as the guide, reflecting on McMurphy's entrance and helping us interpret it through his eyes.  In the end, this becomes the primary difference between the book's depiction of Chief and the film's demonstration of the Chief.

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