In Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, what are the differences and similarities between the Cunninghams and the Ewels?    

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The similarities between these two families is that they are of the same socioeconomic status.  That is to say that they are both poor.  They are both often looked down upon by society because of their poverty.  However, a very important difference remains - that of the Cunningham's being "proud people".  Although they are poor, they are proud of what they do have and they are willing to work and pay for services rendered to them.  For example, Mr. Cunnignham pays Atticus Finch in chestnuts because he has no actual money with which to pay him.  He cannot, however, take a "hand out".  The same occurs with his son Walter - he cannot accept "charity" from his teacher.  They are proud people, whereas the Ewells are not. 

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