What is the difference between Whigs and Tories?

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The Whigs and Tories were British Political parties that developed in the latter part of the 17th century.  The Whigs generally supported constitutional monarchy and the role of the aristocracy, while the Tories supported a stronger monarchy.  In the world of colonial and revolutionary America, the Whigs generally supported the patriots and the need for the recognition of self government for the aristocratic families of the colonies.  The Whig position was that Englishmen in the colonies should have the same rights as Englishmen at home and thus took offence at the taxes and other abuses of these rights for the colonists.  The Tories on the other hand supported a stronger monarchy and believed that the King and Parlaiment had the right to treat the colonies as they chose.  They did not believe that the colonists should have the same rights as English citizens did in England.  Thus the Tories were generally loyal to the English throne and against the War for Independence.


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The Whigs and Tories are referred to as the first political parties, forming after Charles II dissolved the Cavalier court. Separation of powers between the sovereign monarchy and political Parliament lay the foundation for their differences.   The Whigs , named after the Scottish Presbyterian Whigamors, were the more liberal of the two parties.  In 1679 England, the Whigs opposed corruption that was occurring within the monarchy. They believed in limiting the powers of the king. They also spoke against the protestant persecution and the possible succession of the Catholic Duke of York to the throne. The Tories, named for Irish Catholics who became outlaws during the Religious Reformation, were the more conservative party of the time.  They remained loyal to both the monarchy and the church, supporting the traditions and privileges of the throne.

In the American colonies, Whigs supported American independence, while the Tories maintained their loyalty to the throne.

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