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What did Paul do during Luis's funeral?

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What did Paul do during Luis's funeral?

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Paul was warned by Theresa, Luis's sister, to stay away from the funeral, that there were hard feelings. Paul was devastated. He wanted to attend to show War Eagle loyalty to the fallen brother of a team mate and a friend. He put on his suit with no shirt, socks, or tie, and went out to the wall in his back yard. There he dug up the sod and removed the sand to get to the soil. Then, he put his face down to the soil and inhaled, breathing in the essence of the earth as Luis had taught him. At that point, Paul sobbed for the loss of a respected friend and mentor and for the shame of being Erik's brother. Erik caused the death of Luis, but Paul was afraid to come forward with the details. Paul replaced all of the sand and sod, then threw his suit in the garbage.

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