What did Freud say about the rational and irrational?

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Sigmund Freud is considered, by many to be the father of psychoanalysis.   He is credited with uncovering the irrational nature of psychology and our beliefs in rationality.  Freud demonstrated that the irrational and rational work together. Through psychoanalysis Freud demonstrated, in his writings, that there was no such thing as total rationality.  However, he also was able to demonstrate the concept that there was no total irrationality in the human psychology.  It was Freud’s strong belief that even the most irrational behavior, dreams, fantasies, and communications are important and mean something.  Freud used these irrational behavior and phenomena from a psychological perspective.  He determined that all irrational behavior happens for a specific reason and if that was true then these behaviors must ultimately be considered “intelligible and rational.”

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