In To Kill a Mockingbird, what did Arthur (Boo) Radley do that landed him temporarily in the county jail?

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The above answers are not quite correct. Boo got in trouble because he got mixed up with the wrong crowd. He did not do anything horrible; he was just being a wild youth. Most importantly, he did not go to jail, even for a little.  Here is what the text says:

They did little, but enough to be discussed by the town and publicly warned from three pulpits: they hung around the barbershop; they rode the bus to Abbottsville on Sundays and went to the picture show; they attended dances at the county’s riverside gambling hell, the Dew-Drop Inn & Fishing Camp; they experimented with stumphole whiskey. Nobody in Maycomb had nerve enough to tell Mr. Radley that his boy was in with the wrong crowd.

One night, in an excessive spurt of high spirits, the boys backed around the square in a borrowed flivver, resisted arrest by Maycomb’s ancient beadle, Mr. Conner, and locked him in the courthouse outhouse.

The whole bit about Boo being in county jail was a rumor that Miss Stephanie perpetuated. She was the town gossip. 

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Boo Radley almost stabbed his father to death with a pair of scissors. When he got mad, he tried to stab his father in the leg and he was sent to jail. From there on he became an outcast of society and very recluse, until he met the kids.                                          

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Boo Radley was thrown in jail for joyriding in a Ford Model T, also, Boo Radley was arrested for nearly stabbing his father to death with a pair of scissors, he grew angry with his father and took a pair of scissors and stabbed him in the leg with them, which landed him in the societal position that he was in, there making him the social outcast.

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