What is cultural globalization? Illustrate with examples in relation to Britain or other countries.

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Cultural globalization is the phenomenon in which people from different countries come to have cultures that resemble one another instead of having completely distinct cultures.

I am not British, but knowing what I do about British culture, let me offer a few instances of globalization.

  • Food.  As in most places in the world, many foreign foods have become normal parts of the diet.  One example of this would be curry.
  • Sport.  In football, teams in the Premier League have players and managers from all over the world.  The English game has become less distinct from the way the game is played elsewhere.
  • Mass entertainment.  Entertainers from Britain become well-known outside Britain and foreign entertainers become famous in Britain.

All of these things are examples of ways in which British culture has become less distinct from the cultures of other countries.

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