What comes to Ponyboy's mind when he sees Bob's picture in the yearbook?no

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For the first time, Ponyboy wonders about what Bob Sheldon was really like after glimpsing his picture in one of Sodapop's old yearbooks. Bob's dark eyes reminded Pony of Soda's and the Shepard boys' and Johnny's eyes. He wondered what Bob had been like--that he liked to pick fights, that he was a buddy to Randy. Did he have a kid brother? Or a big brother? Did Bob's parents hate Pony for causing his death? Pony decides he would prefer to be hated than pitied, but for the first time "I could begin to see the person we had killed."

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Basically, when Pony sees Bob's picture in the yearbook, he just starts to wonder about Bob as a person.  He had never really thought of what Bob was like -- he had just seen him as a sterotypical Soc who was always a jerk (or worse) to the Greaser types.

But now he starts to wonder about Bob.  He wonders about the Bob that Cherry Valance knew.  He wondered about whether Bob had a brother.  He wondered how it was that Bob was (according to Randy) the best friend a person ever had.

He wonders a lot of things like that, but the overall idea is that now he is seeing Bob as a real person.

For more details, look this up in the book -- it's right at the start of Chapter 11.

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