What colors are used as symbols in "The Scarlet Ibis" and what does the color symbolize?  

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The main color used in this story is obviously red.  It's used when describing the bird after it came tumbling through their (red) bleeding tree. It says that it lay "like a broken vase of red flowers" on the ground before them.

The other scene where the color is used dominantly is when the narrator goes back for Doodle in the ending scene.  He runs back to find that Doodle, and he sees that "his neck and the front of his shirt were stained a brilliant red."

Both Doodle and the ibis are beautiful creatures.  Red can symbolize love and represent the "heart" that the character has.  Doodle worked so hard to please his brother and the ibis tried so hard to survive.  However, neither could survive the struggle.

The most important symbolism is the guilt that the narrator felt for beign responsible.  He realized that his pride led to Doodle's death.  So the red symbolized his guilt as well.

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There are many colors in The Scarlet Ibis. Some of the colors are: Green, Red, White, Gold, and Blue. I don't have the what they all mean, a teacher told me that they had symbols for the colors.

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