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What clue is given at the end of the second section in Chapter 8?

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What clue is given at the end of the second section in Chapter 8?

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In the book The Westing Game a group of people are brought together to participate in a game that will reveal the true heir of Mr. Westing's estate.  Each person is given different clues that are supposed to help him or her figure out who had murdered he mysterious Mr. Westing.

In chapter 8 the participants find themselves trapped in an apartment building because of a snow blizzard that had left fifteen-foot snow drifts.  People have partnered in order to expedite the process of solving clues. 

Turtle sells handmade candles after the electricity goes out leaving the people in the dark.

There are several sets of clues in Chapter 8 and a second part can only be established by dividing the pages of the chapter in half.  However, one set of clues read as follows:


Yet, the most important clue is written in Turtle's newspaper and reads that Mr. Westing was an abbot chess player.

The object of the Westing game was to win.

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