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What is the climax of To Kill a Mockingbird?In my English class we had a discussion...

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What is the climax of To Kill a Mockingbird?

In my English class we had a discussion about this question and our own opinon.

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Being a novel, it's hard to give it one climax.  There are two main stories within the novel.  One surrounds Boo Radley while the other surrounds Tom Robinson.  I would think the one you are referring to is the main one at the end.  That would be when Bob attacks the children.  As he is going after Jem and Scout, we get the full account of what Scout sees, even though little of it makes sense at that point in time.  The climax is supposed to be the turning point--when the reader isn't sure what is going to happen next.  That would be the scene under the Radley tree.  Then all that remains in the book closes out the story, explaining what happened, who was there under the tree, and closes with Atticus sitting in Jem's room all night.

The other climactic moment would be the trial--the verdict to be exact.  After all of the emotion going into the trial, we wait to hear what we assume the jury has finally decided on--Tom's INNOCENCE!  But we are wrong.  This could be considered the climax of Tom's part in the novel.

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I agree with the previous answer and would like to add that the climax in my mind regarding the court scene is when we find out that Bob Ewell is left handed. Everything that he and Mayella had said simply was meaningless. Mr. Ewell's left-handedness gave Tom Robinson his freedom. This is dramatic irony of the highest degree.

From the moment that we find out that the jury found Tom Robinson innocent, things in the novel sort of fall into place like dominoes until Bob Ewell does attempt to harm the Finch children after the school festival.

Then the second climax is when we find out that Arthur "Boo" Radley is really a hero who has saved the children from the vengeful Bob Ewell.  The rest of the story after the school festival is about tying up loose ends.


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The Climax is without a doubt, not having to deal with Boo Radely; however Boo is a major part of the book, however with only one line, Atticus Finch has the climax in To Kill A Mockingbird. The climax is however, when Atticus Finch has his closing arguments with Tom Robinson's case. Because of his closing arguments, men like Walter Cunningham thought twice about if Tom Robinson is guilty.

Tom was found guilty, but, as Atticus Finch said: "What I said made men like Walter Cunningham think twice about if Tom is really guilty or not." The whole trial was prejudice; Tom really didn't rape Mayella Ewell; Bob Ewell beat her up and then blamed it on Tom so his kids wouldn't have been taken away. So why would the town of Maycomb, Alabama see the facts right in front of them and still think that Tom Robinson is still in-fact, guilty, when it is proven he is innocent.

Harper Lee left that for those who are intellegent enough to read To Kill A Mockingbird by themselfs or in the classroom, to think about.

Well, thats it for me on this post;

With Love And Care,

Alice Sarah Sheppard. :)

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The Climax of this book is when Jem and Scout get attacked

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I think the climax is when Scout is with Aunt Alexandra at their meeting towards the end of chapter 24, and scout understandswhat is it to be a lady. OR it is when Scout and Jem talk after the trial about what kind of people there are and they change their minds that there are only one kinds of folks.

The climax is the turning point in the book where the MAIN character makes a desition that changes the story's outcome. Scout is the main character.

The first climax is what i think, but the second my teacher said that, but eat doesn't make sense to me!!!

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i like todos los hombres

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