What is the climax in "Everyday Use"?

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The climax of Walker's story comes very close to the end. Dee has asked for the quilts that have been in the family, and Maggie has indicated she is willing to relinquish them. At that moment, though, their mother reverses the way things have been throughout their lives and gives Maggie the precious/common symbols of their heritage. This means the world to her, shows that the family is not willing to let Dee walk over them forever, and rocks Dee back on her heels. That's definitely the climax of the story, which Walker wraps up almost immediately thereafter.

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The climax of the story is the moment when the narrator, Mrs. Johnson, says "something hit me in the top of my head". She realizes the deep spiritual values that her daughter Maggie embodies that she is loving, accepting, and forgiving the life that God apparently wants her to live. To the narrator, this is the moment of religious exaltation and revelation as genuine as any she has had at a church service. she has been "touched" by God in realizing that Maggie (once burned in a fire) has been "touched" by God. 

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