What is the climax to Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling?I've read the book i just don't understand the climax to it. Can someone please explain it to me. I would really appreciate it if...

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The climax to this story comes when the We're Here wins the race to fill its hold with fish out at the submerged rock.  It then heads back to port where Harvey Cheyne will return to his previous life.  It is at this point in the story that the main conflict is over.

The main conflict in the story was that of Harvey against himself.  He had to learn how to be more than the spoiled rich child that he had been.  This was accomplished over the course of the fishing boat's voyage.  When the We're Here fills its holds first, it is a symbol of sorts -- it shows us conclusively that Harvey has become a man.  He has proved himself as a valuable member of a fishing crew.

After the boat wins the contest, we get into the falling action of the story where we start to see what the consequences of Harvey's change will be.  The part of the book where the We're Here wins the contest, then, comes between the rising action and the falling action.  This means it must be the climax of the book.

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