Romeo Character Traits

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1. Romeo is more interested in love than he is in violence and the age-old feud between his family, the Montagues, and the family of his enemy, the Capulets. He states in Act 1.1, lines 185-189, "O me! What fray (fight) was here? - Yet tell me not, for I have heard it all. Here's much to do with hate, but more with love." Romeo goes on to talk about what is on his mind and what interests him most, the love he has for a woman who cannot be his (Rosaline).

2. Romeo is intelligent, clever, and quick witted in conversation. This can be seen in Act 1.4 in the witty banter between him and his good friend, Mercutio. Furthermore, in Act 1.5 during Romeo's first encounter with Juliet, he gives a clever comparison of his lips to pilgrims (palmers) who have traveled to visit a holy shrine, Juliet (lines 103-105).

3. Romeo is brave and unafraid of danger. He risks death to sneak into the Capulet garden to catch a glimpse of Juliet after the Capulet party. (Act 2.2)

4. Romeo is impulsive, loyal, and quick to anger. He is impulsive in his marriage to Juliet only hours after they meet, in killing Tybalt after Mercutio is slain, in attempting to kill himself after killing Tybalt, and in killing Paris before he takes his own life at the end of the play. He is loyal to Mercutio by avenging his death, and he acts out in anger by killing Tybalt without thinking of the consequences.

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