What are the character traits of Macbeth? (Please add in quotes as evidence if possible.)So far I have: -          Morally weak -          Gullible -          Overly...

What are the character traits of Macbeth? (Please add in quotes as evidence if possible.)

So far I have:

-          Morally weak

-          Gullible

-          Overly ambitious

-          Has a conscience

-          Superstitious

Thank you! :)

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Shakespeare's Macbeth is a play which explores the darker side of human nature, to be sure.  The list of Macbeth's character traits which you've already begun is a good one and covers mostly the negative aspects of this murdering usurper king.  That's as it should be, since those elements are the focus of this story.  But dark things always look darker next to light, so let's examine a few more positive characteristics which Macbeth also clearly possessed.  You started with his having a conscience, which is true. We also have evidence that Macbeth loved his wife, "his dearest partner in greatness."  Though he proved otherwise later in the play, at the beginning of the story he loved and was loyal to his cousin and king, Duncan.  The same is true for his fellow soldier, Banquo, until Macbeth grows desperate to maintain his ill-gotten power.  I would encourage you to use both sets of characteristics in anything you write about Macbeth, as the positive traits at the beginning serve as a stark contrast to his darker traits.

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traits of macbeth

  • noble and brave at the beginning
  • arrogant
  • respectful
  • loves his wife dearly(she only loves him for power)
  • murderer
  • a dedicanted person
  • sick with power
  • deceiver

my own opinion(hes a dumb ass who loves someone whos to good for him and had to dump her ass the moment she insisted for him to kill the king.)

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