What are the chapters summary of America Is in the Heart?

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The first link below takes you to a detailed summary and analysis of the book. America Is in the Heart is divided into four parts. The first describes the narrator's life in the Philippines in the 1920s and details the exploitation of Filipino peasants as well as the negative impacts of American colonialism on their lives. This part ends with Allos, the narrator, leaving his home country in pursuit of a better life in the United States. Yet, as Allos arrives in Seattle, he is forced to recognize that his image of the U.S. as the land of opportunity bitterly clashes with the realities of racial discrimination that he encounters. The second part of the book is devoted to the injustices and the racism that the narrator has to endure. The third part shows Allos's development of a political, class and social consciousness as he determines to fight racism against immigrants as well as against the exploitative work practice with which they have to cope. Allos becomes a union organizer and the editor of the magazine of the labor movement New Tide. The diagnosis of tubercolosis does not deter him from continuing to fight. In the concluding fourth part, the narrator continues to explore the growth of his radical consciousness, while, at the same time, reaffirming his faith in America in the face of the Fascist threat represented by the Japanese attack against Pearl Harbour.


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