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What causes Napoleon to betray the animals?What causes Napolean to betray the animals?...

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What causes Napoleon to betray the animals?

What causes Napolean to betray the animals? Why all of a sudden does he want power. There are no wrong answers I'm just looking for opinions on why he did it?

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I don't think that Napoleon changed.  I think that he was always looking for power.

To me, what you really have to think about is what sort of a personality a person (or a pig, I guess) would have to have in order to want to lead a rebellion.  I would think that people who do that most often want to have power for themselves.  You can see all sorts of evidence for that in various revolutions/rebellions that have happened around the world.

So, to me, Napoleon wanted power all along.  But as more power came into his hands, he got to like it more and more.  So I guess I'd summarize my opinion as "he always wanted power, but when he got some, he found out he really liked it and wanted more."

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Given that Animal Farm satirizes Communism, we can conclude that the character of Napoleon represents what  really happens as a result of the false reality of this idealized form of government: Those who at first fight to librerate a country and rule it themselves end up hungrier for power and becoming tyrannical dictators. Such was the case of Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and even Fidel Castro. Once fighters against a regime, they later became the regime themselves, and abused their power immensely.

We can say that Napoleon is the representation of every tyrannical ruler that ever lived.

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