What causes Helena to become angry with Hermia, and why does Helena refuse to believe her friend and would-be lovers?

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Helena is angry with Hermia because Helena loves Demetrius, but Demetrius, in the beginning of the play, loves Helena.  In Act 1, sc. 1, Helena says that Hermia is beautiful and has a sweet voice - "Your eyes are lodestars and your tongue's sweet air / Are more tunable than lark to shepherd's ear..." and that is why Demetrius loves her.  Furthermore, Helena accuses Hermia of using her feminine wiles to gain Demetrius' love ("O, teach me how you look and with what art / You sway the motion of Demetrius' heart.")

I'm not certain what the second part of your question is asking.

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Helena becomes angry with Hermia because the men like Hermia more (especially Demetrius)  Helena refuses to believe her friend and would-be lovers because she thinks they're mocking her.

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