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What blood vessels are touched when you are determining your pulse?

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What blood vessels are touched when you are determining your pulse?

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Yo touch an artery (that is close to the surface of the skin because it crosses over a bone) when you take your pulse.

The pulse in your neck is called a carotid artery, the wrist pulse is a radial artery. There are also a brachial artery, Dorsalis Pedis artery, and a femoral artery.


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The to major places you check someones pulse is either wrapping your hand around their wrist ( i.e. feeling the throbbing sensation from the RADIAL Artery) or by placing 2 fingers on the side of their neck ( Carotid Artery). This is just to check the heart rate to check for tachycardia or bradycardia.

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Your pulse is actually your heart rate. Every time your heat beats in a minute, the arteries do as well. Arteries contain muscle that contracts and relaxes pumping blood away from the heart to the body. The artery in the wrist is a good place to take the pulse. You must count the beats you feel in a ten second time period and multiply that by 6. This will give you beats per minute. Remember that a person at rest will have a lower pulse than one who is exercising. A person who is stressed or who has a fever will have a higher pulse rate. The pulse can also be felt along the neck, upper arm or at the temples. Sometimes a comparison is made of a person's pulse at rest, during exercise or after exercise to find out about their overall health.


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