What are some interesting speech topics for a five minute speech? Fun or serious topics!



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Posted on (Answer #3)

If this is a persuasive speech, any of the hot-button political issues would probably do the trick:

-- Gay Marriage: Right or Wrong?

-- Gun Control: Good or Bad?

-- The Death Penalty: Use it or not?

Any topic that may generate debate or conversation is likely to do the trick. Use your imagination.

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Posted on (Answer #30)

Philosophical subjects:

  • Should we be happy with what we have?
  • What is intelligence?
  • What is the self?
  • Are humans animals?
  • Are humans more intelligent than other animals?
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Posted on (Answer #2)

I always love speeches on political scandal. You would have plenty of ammunition right now. You can talk about the Governor of Illinois trying to sell Obama's Senate seat. Or you can fall back on Thurman or Bird or Spitzer. Then there is Ted Steven's bridge to nowhere. It can be a commentary on the abuse of political power.

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Posted on (Answer #17)



famous personalities


origin of species from startind from fundamentals


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Posted on (Answer #5)

I agree with engtchr5 insofar as controversy makes a great speech, but be careful not to pick anything trite: Abortion, Evolution. Also, if you pick a topic like the death penalty or gay marriage, make sure you have something unique to say. Those topics can be overdone and people lose interest. If you stand up and give the day's twelfth speech on abortion, you better have something great to say, or your speech will be ignored and immediately forgotten. It is best to go with something that your audience doesn't already know a lot about.

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Posted on (Answer #19)

here some SERIOUS AND HUMOROUS topics for speech , hope you find them well for five minute speech:

1.Revolutions are not made, they come.

2.They conquer who believe they can.

3.It is better to die on feet than to live on knees.

4.Every tick of clock formulates history.

5.Life is full of " Ifs" and " Buts".

Humurous Topics:

1.If you can't convince him, confuse him.

2.If I were same.......

3.My mother-in-law eats people in lunch

4.Look at me !

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Posted on (Answer #24)

teachers are always looking for a topic that is completely new,and if you able to get a topic that your teacher hasnt come across before you sure to score those marks that you want.try to stick away from those boring topics that seems like you have no interest in the speech.a few topics that had come up in my class that i personally think would be great topics are objectum sexuality(people having feelings for objects),also speak about current topics such as the illuminati,although some maybe against,the topic is sure to get the attention of your audience as well as your teacher.always do something to capture your audience attention on arrival,eg a student began her speech with a count down,and therefore gave her introductory line which definitely caught the attention of there entire class

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Posted on (Answer #26)

Personally, I would choose something that is contraversial therefore meaning that you would have a lot to say on it. I think the question "Gender Selection. Good or Bad?" is a good one because you can bring things like religion into it. For example you could say that god has made everyone as they are and that shouldn't be changed. Or on the other hand you could mention that it is the parents decision and right because it is their child.

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Posted on (Answer #29)

Many different topics:

  • Should smoking be banned?
  • Are fooballers payed too much?
  • Should guns be banned in America?
  • Should the death penalty exist?
  • ((Are boys better at sport than girls?/Are girls more intelligent than boys?))
  • Should military service be obligatory?
  • Should drugs become legal?
  • Gay marriage
  • How social networks are bad/good?
  • Should sport be obligatory at school?

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Posted on (Reply #1)

You are right! 

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Posted on (Answer #31)

Oooh, how about 'How chocolate is good for us'? :)

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Posted on (Answer #6)

What about the responsibility of the individual as a topic?  Current events point to the devastating repercussions of irresponsibility in our society: the debacle of the housing loans, the selfishness of executives of companies who gave themselves bonuses when their companies were failing, the unreasonable demands of the automobile unions driving the makers into financial peril, the plethora of litigation as people bring lawsuits upon companies and other individuals in efforts to blame someone for their shortcomings, errors, mishaps, etc.

Find articles in news magazines such as "Time,"  "Newsweek," "U.S. News and World Reports"; on-line major newspapers are excellent as well:  The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Atlanta Constitution, etc.  (You can find some good newstories to use as examples.)

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Posted on (Answer #8)

Some of THE most fun my students have had with speeches is when they do something completely off-the-wall. I have had kids due an expository speech on the proper technique to vandalize a yard through t.p.ing and forking, I had an honors kid who was very prim and proper do and introduction speech introducing me as the champion chocolate pudding pole vaulter. Other kids have done very passionate persuasive speeches on hot-button items like #3 suggested, but as #5 addressed: be sure that it isn't total heat like abortion or the like and if they are going to do something like gay marriage, don't repeat what has already been said many times over.

The key to a "fun topic" for a speech is to figure out what you like, what you think is funny, what you think is important and go from there. That is how your topic will be fun for both you and your audience.

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Posted on (Answer #11)

To be an effective speaker you must be interested in what you are about to discuss, well informed about, and engaged in the topic.  Think about what you really love and know something about.  Take some time to further investigate this subject, do your research, and teach your audience something.  Remember you are taking their time so make it worthwhile.

Good speeches have plenty of specific examples and details.  They move logically from point to point.  The speaker uses transitions between his or her ideas so that the audience can follow the speaker.  The delivery is animated.  The speaker uses his/her voice effectively...louder..softer...faster...slower for emphasis.

You can speak about almost anything effectively if you are interested in the topic and work hard to make that topic equally accessible and interesting to your audience.

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Posted on (Answer #12)

Problems with the world, such as poverty, social issues, and major crises. Political scandals such as ones in Libya, Somalia, and such would be good too. You could take a random saying and explain your views on it. Once, I was asked to do "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands", as a 5-minute speech topic, and I scored very high.

Question authority, and take a different perspective on everything.  Give a different answer. Bring up families, friends, and how they are all interconnected, and how they are different. There are unlimited possibilities! Do one on violence in media, or animal testing, or dress codes in public places, or oppression of minorities. Make people proud of you. And don't clutter your speech with big words, instead use more interesting, colourful synonyms that you don't need a dictionary to know.

Hope I helped.

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Posted on (Answer #20)

speeches on "spirit of success

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Posted on (Answer #25)

Hey bro,

How about you talk on "Spirituality" or "Marriage and children" or "Relationships and dating" or about "outerspace" or your "Passion" or  you might have come across some of your friens in love hence you can tell something as "Is love requird at this age or should we wait" and the most important thing and about Emotions...

Dude i have given like 5-7 topics choose something that is of your choice.  So one thing bro you are not living for others but you are living for your self and it is you who is trying to fetch some marks but not to impress others...


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Posted on (Answer #28)

You can talk about the differences between home schooling, private schooling or public schooling.  always good to know about education.

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Posted on (Answer #32)

for a parlimantary debate:

1)Love marrage vs Arranged marrage

2)is it right for a life to protect another

3)should our society be gun free



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Posted on (Answer #34)

I think -"Should teenagers above 13 be allowed a cellphone of their own ?" it is concerned with  a real latest problem,with students going crazy to be in touch with their pals,and the topic is really interesting,you see. Another topic can be -"Should teenagers above 13/14 be allowed a Facebook account,with their passwords known to parents ?" 

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Posted on (Answer #35)

•The Ideal Game Show
•Fairy Tales
•Just Say “No!”
•The Color Blue
•The Best Kind of Homework is No Homework!
•P’s Belong After O’s and Before Q’s-Not on My Plate!
•If I had  million Dollars….
•Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
•Education Can Happen Outside the Classroom Too!
•My Favorite Cartoon
•I Am Most Thankful for…
•“Oldies But Goodies”…Says Who?
•When I’m Really Old, I’ll Be…
•If I could Have Dinner With Anyone, Anywhere…
•The Best Book/Story I’ve Read or Someone Read to Me
•If I Was a Superhero, My Super Power Would Be…
•Eye for an Eye-The World Goes Blind
•The Best Invention Ever
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Posted on (Answer #46)

you can give speech on 

1. Dress code in Schools.

2. Dating in Middle School.

3. Women and Science

4. Homework on Weekends to k-5

5. Blogging age limit.

7.Social media and Bullying. 

8. Youth entrepreneurs.

9.Teachers vs.Students.

10 Youth obesity.

12. Vegan Diet 

13 Organic Food  is it real?

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Posted on (Answer #7)

I think it can be fun to do a speech where you somewhat incite the audience, in a tongue-in-cheek way.  For example, you could advocate overthrowing a government, or taking over another country, etc.  Or you could highlight a significant issue in an interesting way, like Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal."

As an example, maybe you could illustrate the immigration issue but rally against Canadian immigrants instead of those from Mexico.  Or you could advocate sending kids to prison every time they cheat on a test, or something like that.

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Posted on (Answer #9)

If a speech has a five minute time limit I believe that there are only two ways to approach it. You must 'grab' your audience with controversy or 'persuade' their curiousity with beginnings of a good old fashioned story that holds within it age old truths that humanity at times rejects and at others embraces...like the ebb and flow of the ocean. Controversial subjects such as religion,war, abortion,the death penalty will always cause a stir. People react to controversy simply because it cuts to the quick, and in our society we are free to disagree. As for the good old fashion stories they too can be powerful. For example, the belief in the possibilities, that humanity has the capacity to sustain hope, and that life is better than the alternative can have a tremendous impact on an audience.  Although controversy usually has more punch power than the story, it should never be interpreted as the weaker of the two. Generally speaking people find comfort in the 'constant' of human potential, even those who seem to have a problem with just about everything. There is something to be valued from both perspectives. Each has the capacity to spark a great speech because both can tap the core of the human experience. 

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Posted on (Answer #10)

Another possibility for a speech is to allow the students to prepare a speech about something which affects them personally.  My daughter did a speech in high school which was about her brother who had Tourette's Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Attention Deficit Disorder.  She explained what these were, how they affected him, and how, even though he was smarter that she was, he would never be able to have the same kind of academic success which made her sad.  Then she talked about how his problems affected her such as not bringing home friends because he often was on the floor unable to speak or move,  not telling anyone he was her brother because of the skepticism about his behavior, and not being able to study sometimes because of his problems.  No one in the class knew anything about these problems or that the difficult person in the building was her brother.  She answered many questions and it freed her from the burden of not saying anything to anyone except her best friend.  Many students deal with issues which we, as teachers, don't know about.  This opportunity might allow them to speak up, talk about the effects on families or themselves, and bring knowledge to other students.

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Posted on (Answer #16)

If this is a persuasive speech, any of the hot-button political issues would probably do the trick:

-- Gay Marriage: Right or Wrong?

-- Gun Control: Good or Bad?

-- The Death Penalty: Use it or not?

Any topic that may generate debate or conversation is likely to do the trick. Use your imagination.

also another good topic is on the thin line between love and hatred!!

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Posted on (Answer #18)

How about a speech about the divide between religion and science and how religion has interfered with the advancement of science.

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Posted on (Answer #21)


You can do one about NHS abuses to elderly/

How can internet be useful to student etc..


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Posted on (Answer #23)

To speak about a speech given by a great personality....

Like i gave one on theodore rossevelt and got 19 out of 20


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Posted on (Answer #37)

  1. Gay Rights
  2. Whether kids should have their phone out in class
  3. Is technology taking over our motivation/hard work
  4. Does technology make us lazy
  5. Does texting impair grammar usage
  6. Look at important topics in the news also, hot trending topics either about equality or how others are viewed differently or crises around the world
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Posted on (Answer #38)

For five minute speeches that are not too controvertial, i suggest

  • why there should be a class teaching the evils and harms of rape, and how to act in a situation where you are a witness
  • the benefits of being vegetarian
  • different types of cancer
  • a motivation speech on studying
  • anything on the current events
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Posted on (Answer #40)

Pick a topic that is most relevant to your target audience. If you want people to appeal to your emotional/ intelligence etc. side, then your speech should be in that direction.

If you want to come across as the voice of the people or someone who cares, talk about something personal that is important and relevant to you. However, also gauge the interest level of that topic to your audience.

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Posted on (Answer #42)

Recently I have done a speech on the history of Halloween. I thought it was quite fun because I got to dress up in a Halloween costume, and the history of Halloween was quite interesting. Some of my other classmates did stuff like the history of chocolates or pixar. It was quite fascinating because people brought chocolates, or dressed up as characters from pixar.

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Posted on (Answer #44)

Movie actor paid too much?

How does technology effect us?

Why we should or shouldn't ban guns?

Should cell phones be available during school?

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Posted on (Answer #45)

When I had my oral communications class last year, we were tasked to deliver speeches a couple of times with random topics. Some of the most interesting topics are the following:

*if you were the president, what is the first law you'll pass and which existing one would you remove?

*if you could meet a historical person, who would it be and why?

*if you could give an advice to your parents before you were even born, what would it be?

*how would you make your parents even more proud than they already are?

*what makes you beautiful?

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Posted on (Answer #4)

Pick the three top news stories for the day on msn, aol, or yahoo. Then have students pick the opposing view to their own opinion.

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Posted on (Answer #14)

Similar to jenysaurus's idea. Make a list of major religions. Then pick one of most interest to you that is not your own. Do a persuasive speech to get people to join that religion.

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Posted on (Answer #15)

I'd pick hot topics that many people hear about. Look in your news paper and read the word, politics, and huge front page news. Try and find something relatable to keep your audience interested.

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Posted on (Answer #22)

Since this quesion is in science category I would prefer "The Beauty Of Science"

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Posted on (Answer #27)

That becomes something like discrimination....

how can gender be changed when there is already a proper gender for you


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Posted on (Answer #36)

  1. retarted
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Posted on (Answer #41)

When I took a public speaking class in my freshman year of college, the topics I loved to talk about were mostly art because it was a topic near and dear to my heart. Of course, it was a very broad topic so I got to choose sub-topics for each speech, such as visual arts, sketchbooks, and a serious topic of whether or not graffiti should be considered an art form.

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Posted on (Answer #47)

Here is a list of "current" topics you can discuss about:

  • The World Cup 
  • Obamacare
  • Should the House Republicans sue President Obama
  • Affirmative Action
  • Immigration Reform
  • Should pennies become obsolete?
  • Fracking in West Virginia or Coal Mining in West Virginia
  • The situation between Russia and Ukraine
  • The situation between Israel and Palestine
  • Ebola
  • Gun Regulation or control vs. Gun Rights
  • or for something fun - favorite activity
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Posted on (Answer #48)

The interesting topics for speech can be:
1.  If I had wings
2.  Democracy or hypocrisy?
3.  Freedom in youth 
4.  Kinds of love today 
5.  The future technologies 

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Posted on (Answer #39)

A good five minute speech topic would be a speech on relative happiness or subjective well-being and what you would view your happiness be. Happiness and well-being is something all humans want to achieve in their lives, and the criteria for meeting this goal is different for every person. So a speech on what your view of happiness would be would be fun and informative about who you are and what your personality is.

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Posted on (Answer #43)

The life and work of Salvador Dali

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Posted on (Answer #51)

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) vs. Red Cross approach in conflict zone.

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Posted on (Answer #50)

Your favourite food

Your life




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Posted on (Answer #52)

  1. ‘Little people’ is less offensive than ‘dwarf’ or ‘midget.’
  2. Women are genetically disposed to not be funny.
  3. Save paper towels, save the forests. (Shake hands before using the paper, fold the paper towel and dry.)
  4. Sex needs a new metaphor, other than baseball where you use terms like scoring, getting to first base, if there’s grass on the field play ball etc .   
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Posted on (Answer #53)

1. Most issues concerning gender discrimination are suitable (eg. sport, the workplace ) . 

2. Crimes against humanity ( apartheid, the Holocaust, etc. ) 

3. Current political issues

4. Religious fanaticism ( Je Suis Charlie, Boko Haram )

5. Arranged marriages in Eastern countries and it's effect on gender related violence ( rape in India, no education for girls in Arab countries ) 

6. Legalization of marijuana 

7. Illegal abortions 

8. " African solutions for African problems " 

9. Middle East conflict ( Israel and Palestine ) 

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Posted on (Answer #54)

choose the topic interesting to others and to you..because it wll be easy if u take a which u really lik.dont take boring topics,be interesting.....i lik the topics 

  1. bermuda triangle
  2. lochness monster
  3. annabel the doll
  4. witch craft


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Posted on (Answer #55)

1. Someone that inspires you.

2. A problem that you'd like to solve and how you'd solve it.

3. Something that has sentimental value to you (a trip to meet your extended family in another country, a favorite blanket).

4. Something that always makes you laugh.

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Posted on (Answer #57)

  • apple logo story
  • wiliam shekspeer
  • my best movei
  • puplution 
  • fairy tails
  • food recipes 
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Posted on (Answer #58)

Some of the best speeches I have heard deal with overcoming an obstacle or solving a problem.  They are made more interesting by interjecting personal anecdotes and humanizing the situation. So I would say make it personal and relatable to your audience.

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Posted on (Answer #59)

Anything which contradicts what people naturally think is a great topic. An extremely interesting topic you could give a short speech on is free will. Since our decisions are greatly influenced by external factors you could argue that nobody has free will and that our personalities and choices are shaped by the environment we are thrust into.

Another great topic would be something personal. One that everyone can relate to would be a short speech on an event or person who helped you find yourself. Finding who you are is something that everyone goes through and doesn't necessarily ever end. 

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Posted on (Answer #60)

I find that there are no excellent speech topics. There are good speakers with interesting topics. Consider things from the audience's perspective.  I have been doing speeches for 8 years and here are some of my best topics in which I have won provincial recognition in public speaking competitions.

-Capital punishment pro or con

-The Alcatraz prison escape, did they survive, or die (you may need some background research if you are unfamiliar with this topic)

-Being raised by a single parent and the struggles of growing up with just a dad

-Finally, my personal favourite and my best ranking speech, the controversy of circus animal abuse. Do some research and you will find some astonishing information that will make you think twice about going to the circus next time it's in town.

Hope these help best of luck to you! 

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