In Shakespeare's Hamlet, what is the response of Norway's bedridden king to Claudius in act II scene 2?

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The current prince of Norway is Fortinbras whose father was killed by Hamlet's father. The bedridden king of Norway is Fortinbras's uncle who sends Voltemand and Cornelius, ambassadors of Norway, to Denmark in order to stop concern of war. The uncle says through the ambassadors that he discovered that the prince of Norway was planning to attack Denmark, but he had him arrested. Then, the uncle  turned the prince Fortinbras's "aggression" away from Denmark and onto Polland. Then, the king of Norway asks that their armies be given passage through Denmark to reach Polland. They also send three thousand crowns as an annual tribute to Denmark which should smooth relations over a bit. Claudius says that he'll consider it and gracefully supplies the ambassadors room and shelter before a feast.


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