What is the beast Christianities "the antichrist's" or Islam's "Dajjal" in your opinion's role in modern society? I believe our government i working on several apocalyptic scenarios like creating a...



What is the beast Christianities "the antichrist's" or Islam's "Dajjal" in your opinion's role in modern society?

I believe our government i working on several apocalyptic scenarios like creating a plague or Virus to creating a new world order. I believe evil is all around us, yet it is the unseen that we should worry about. I predict that Israel will be destroyed as well as Al-aqsa Mosque which america will rebuild on its soil "the resurrection of the third Solomons temple. If you believe in the role of the antichrist in modern society there are signs among us, but the most unseen is that of the people whom will tend to dominate nation after nation and bring the banner of no religion to destroy the faith of many leaving only a rebellion between the believers and the non-believers. I wonder this because both in the media and politics there is subliminal messages that tell of our future.........

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There have been conspiracy theories since the beginning of time. People still get very passionate about them, as you can see from these responses. However, I think we all need to look at this with a healthy mix of skepticism and curiosity, rather than relying on either too much.
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Any claims should be supported by strong evidence. Any claims and evidence should be open to investigation and challenge. Anyone who makes claims should be expected to respond in detail to challenges.

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I think that I cannot believe in any of these things that you are saying.  I have a very hard time believing in this sort of conspiracy theory in which the government does these horrible and very complicated things to us.  When governments oppress and kill their people, they do it in obvious ways.  In addition, if the government were capable of carrying out such plots, wouldn't they be more competent in other things that they are trying to do?

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I thought of using this apocalyptic ideal to create a novel.  I have already written several books, but the thing is I plan to get at least one of them published my favorite book is Age of Sorrow: revelations. It tells of a economically destroyed america, where a secret world leader takes center stage as the messenger of god, yet in a way he is the exact opposite. He claims himself as the messenger of god stating that the god's of the past are evil and that his god is far greater. His god is called "Lucifer" in latin  the light bearer . He goes to war with many nations and creates an empire starting from the new capitol of the world New York he calls "the messianic kingdom." and reaches as far as Isreal. In this story China becomes a Christian Nation during there own economic downfall later in the future. Soon nations that morally hate each other soon join farces as Islam & Christianity diverge into a massive onslaught creating a massive movement called "The Remnant." Though if you want to know the ending the remnant is massacred, but the next book is basically about the survivors whom must fight the man claiming to be the messenger of god. Soon they realize a very dark plot. The rise of a demon known as Zokhael in coptic "Angel of fire"  cuts himself with the spear of christ and claims himself god in the newly rebuilt temple of solomon. The god of the messenger was the voice of a demon. Soon all hell breaks loose.....

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Actually i have been watching way too much TV, but I like the way all you tend to be reacting. I seem like a crazy person, but we should have the right to question the authority and the reason why much of american society is falling and we tend to not be looking towards an end of day ideal. I have always wanted to show the obscurity of our uptight quiet and secretive government, but thats what conspiracy theorists do. A great show on TV is Brad meltzers Decoded on the History channel. Makes you think..........

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I believe our government is working on several apocalyptic scenarios like creating a plague or Virus to creating a new world order.

Sorry, but rubbish like this should always be challenged. You are free to 'believe' the government is planning several apocalyptic scenarios. And you are free to write about your beliefs.

BUT, if you are free to promote such highly ridiculous and unsupported nonsense, then I am free to loudly denounce you as an internet crank. Because your claims are very very silly. The internet has provided an instant platform for crank ideas and I believe that we must confront woo-woo merchants firmly.

No, the government is not planning the apocalypse. No, Obama is not the devil (or whatever it is you believe). Instead of thinking that you have discovered some incredible dark secret, maybe you should start to analyse your own abilities instead. Because you are batting way out of your league and your conclusions reflect that.

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