What is the atmosphere of The Scarlet Ibis?I want the details of the atmosphere, not anything else.

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Atmosphere in this case probably means the environment, or setting. For the storyline of The Scarlet Ibis, the atmosphere feels like the passage of time. Natural seasons coming and going are described through the vegetation of a home near a swamp. This gives the feel that the story takes place somewhere close to the south. Also, the atmosphere feels as if there is a problem that won't be solved. I say this because there are so many references and allusions to death or the color red.

If you specifically are looking for the atmosphere of the bird, the scarlet ibis, then we only encournter this at the end of the story. When the bird is encountered it is described this way:

We shaded our eyes with our hands against the hazy glare of the sun and peered up through the still leaves. On the topmost branch a bird the size of a chicken, with scarlet feathers and long legs, was perched precariously.

During the experience of the bird, the atmosphere was found to be hazy, yet sunny. Being perched precariously this must have been a curious sight to see. the bird then falls out of the tree and the family researches its origin, but does not really respond to the dying bird.

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