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What are the arguments in the nature vs nurture debate in favor of nature?The debate as...

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What are the arguments in the nature vs nurture debate in favor of nature?

The debate as to whether your personality is composed due to your genetics (nature) or the way you were raised (nurture) has been an ongoing debate for years.

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This debate is age old and there are many differing opinions. Fundamentally, we are asking which influence--nature or nurture plays a larger role in the development of the person. Most biologists' argue that nature plays a larger role because we are destined to become what our genetic makeup says we will become. On the other hand, most psychologists' and mental health professionals tend to subscribe to the notion that we are shaped by our relationships. Mainly, relationships with our parents.

Both tend to agree that personality and the shaping thereof is a multifaceted undertaking and biology plays a role just as psychology does. If in fact our genetic composition is in control of our personality then wordly influences have a minimal impact. If biology has a small impact on personality formation then relationships and how we perceive these relationships would play a greater role. The latter is formed by parenting skills and how the child is socialized in school.

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