What is an example of foreshadowing in Chapter 3?

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Lennie crushes Curly's hand and the death of Candy's dog are examples of foreshadowing.  George remarks that Lennie did not mean to crush his hand, and this alludes to the fact that George has not thought of the implications of Lennie not knowing his own strength.

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Candy's dog death is a example of foreshadowing. They killed the dogs since it was old and had no reason to live, just getting in people's way and it was also in a bad condition so best choice was to shoot him.That later alludes to Lennie being shot by George at the end of the book. It was best for everyone including Lennie for him to be killed. He was innocent since his mind didint process what he was doing but at the same time he was harming things and killing things without him even knowing he had done wrong.

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