What is an alternative ending for the movie, Casablanca?We watched a movie as a class, Casablanca. Our assignment is to write an alterantive ending for the movie. Can somebody give me a few ideas...

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I think that the ending is perfect, as is.  To construct any other might be "Heresy, my friend."  The most obvious alteration to the ending in my mind would be for Ilsa to go with Rick.  Why not have her go with him?  If Victor Laszlo is truly committed to his fight against the Nazis, he will do it without Ilsa.  The fact that he escaped from the concentration camp has proven to be so spiritually arousing to so many that their support could galvanize him into action even if Ilsa leaves.  At the same time, it would underscore Rick's isolationism if he "Took the girl and left."   Another alternate ending would be if Louis actually arrested Rick.  That would be different. What if Lazlo had been executed when Rick's was raided?  It seemed fairly infeasible that the Nazis, the prototype for the "evil bad guy" would be such a nebbish in the film.  Just have them kill Laszlo.  For that matter, apprehending Rick might not have been a bad idea early on.  The beauty of the film is that it shows the Nazis to be squeamish and worried about public perception, something that really did not quite define the Nazis.  Yet, we buy it because, like so much in the film, it's what we want to buy.  I guess that you could concoct a series of alternate takes to make different ends to the film.  Yet, all of them would be secondary, distant, in comparison to the cinematic perfection that is put on the screen.

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There are all sorts of things that could have gone differently at the end of Casablanca, and would totally have changed the message of the movie. Rick could have turned Victor over to the Nazis, and taken off with Ilsa. Louie could have turned Rick in for the shooting of Strasser, but then we wouldn't have one of the great movie lines of all time, "Round up the usual suspects." Ilsa could have refused to get on the plane with Victor. Have fun with this assignment! Casablanca is one of those movies you will think about long after you've seen it.

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