Miss Brill Symbolism

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Fur - the tatty state of the fur wrap represents the tatty state of Miss Brill, despiteher beliefs to the contrary.

Clothing - these are seen by Miss Brill as status symbols throughout the story. She concentrates on what others are wearing and makes judgement based on this. She is devestated when she hears the young couple make the same assumptions about her.

Old people - the old people throughout the story seem to be disposable. They are shown in a less than respectable way and this symbolises how Miss Brill is also superfluous to the younger people in the story.

Autum (Fall) -symbolises that Miss Brill is past her prime and about to enter the final stages of her life. She is discoloured and withered like the leaves.

Another symbol you could look at are the number of colours that are mentioned throughout the story. These are mentioned in relation to other characters and not Miss Brill as she is colourless.This shows how she bases her personality on what others think; her arrogance makes her drab and lifeless.

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The fur, and its characteristics

the od people and the young people

the cupboard

gives personification to the fur.

after the young couple criticize her, she suddenly feels conscious of her age.

the public park is viewed by her as a "play" the world is on stage

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