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What are the advantages and disadvantages of privatizing correctional...

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of privatizing correctional institutions?

Briefly discuss whether you generally believe that society’s current trend towards emphasizing punishment rather than rehabilitation in the context of prisons, jails and community corrections is desirable

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These are two subjects -- private vs, public, and punishment vs, correction.  They go together in this way:  Private prison systems have a chance of breaking the imbalance now prevalent in publicly managed systems.  The "public" always wants more punishment. out of fear and vengeance, both negative human impulses.  Private prisons have a chance to concentrate on reducing recidivism rates, inventing rehabilation programs, improving social prison structures, and otherwise avoiding the bureaucratic red tape of the present system, and of improving guard-prisoner antagonisms and of conducting social experiments toward more benevolent systems.  One suggestion has been to replace guards with phychologists.

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