What adjectives would you use to describe characters in To Kill a Mockingbird?  Atticus (3 adjectives) Scout (3) Jem (3) Calpurnia (3) Aunt Alexandra (2) Dill (2) Boo Radley (2) Miss Maudie...

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Atticus is brave, patient and clever. He supports Tom, he doesn't punish Scout when she's bad, and he proves Tom is innocent.

Scout is explosive, intelligent, and insightful in the end. She wants to fight anyone who crosses her or her family, she can read and write, and she understands Boo to be a mockingbird.

Jem is mature, creative and patient. He is mature by understanding why Boo is the way he is. He creates a snow/mud man and the plays for the yard. He's patient with Scout when she gets mad a Aunt Alexandra--he gives her a tootsie roll.

Calpurnia is intelligent, motherly and responsible. She knows how to read/write, she scolds Scout when she's rude to Walter, and she makes sure to clean the children before taking them to church.

Aunt Alexandra is aloof, yet she is caring. She thinks her family is better than others because of their heritage. Yet, she does show her love for Atticus when her missionary cirlce is interrupted with news of Tom's death.

Dill is creative and expressive. He tells wild tales and strange stories to Scout and Jem all the time while his face lights up with expression.

Boo is considerate and brave. He gives scout the blanket when she's cold the night of the fire, and he risks his own life to save the children in the end.

Miss Maudie is strong because she isn't afraid to stand up to Miss Merriweather. She is optimistic because she sees the fire as a way of getting a larger yard rather than a smaller house.

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