What are 8 important events that occur in Fahrenheit 451?

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1) Clarisse, Montag's 17 year old neighbor, asks him if he is happy.  This leads him to question himself and his life and his state of mind.

2) This is quickly followed by the discovery of Mildred, who has overdosed on sleeping pills.  This reinforces Montag's new suspicion that no one in his world is actually happy.

3) The elderly lady burns herself in the pile of books Montag and his fellow firemen have been sent to destroy.  Montag is so affected he spares one book to take home with him.

4) Montag goes to see Faber who helps to strengthen Montag's new belief about the importance of books and agrees to help sabotage the work of the firemen.

5) Captain Beatty, who knows of Montag's rebellious ideas, brings Montag to his own house and manages to bait him into burning it down.

6) Montag mistakenly kills Beatty, then turns the flames on the Mechanical Hound.  He takes off, a fugitive.

7) Faber takes off for St. Louis and Montag takes off to the forest to keep himself from being arrested.

8) Montag meets the "book covers", a group of rebels who have each memorized an entire book for safe keeping.  He turns back towards the city with them, caught up in their belief that civilization needs them.


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