What are 5 Quotes in the book Slam! by Walter Dean Myers that help illustrate the setting?

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This is a lower class neighborhood with a lot of unsavory people.

"When it's late at night you her the sound of car doors and people talking and boom boxes spilling out the latest tunes." (pg 2)

"The sound of broken glass can cut through other noises, even if it's just a bottle of wine someone dropped." (pg 2)

"..... there's always the sirens, bring their bad news from far off and making you hold your breath until they pass so you know it ain't any of your people who's getting arrested or being taken to the hospital." (pg 2-3)

"It's like all the shooting and chasing is over for the night and the neighborhood is getting ready for a new day." (pg 3)

"I'm seventeen and the streets mess with me and keep me nervous..." (pg 5)

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