What are 3 things that show Scout Finch is immature in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Scout Finch is immature because:

1. SHE IS EASILY PERSUADED TO FIGHT. We see this in the beginning as she wants to fight Walter Cunningham, and later she fights with her cousin Francis for calling her father a "nigger-lover".

2. SHE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND THE INNUENDO OF ADULTS. When adults talk about something, she doesn't catch their meanings or jokes. Atticus gives Scout a direct dictionary definition of rape because he's thinking that she isn't going to ask anymore questions with a phrase like "carnal knowledge". Furthermore, when Scout is in the middle of all the men who are ready to fight Atticus out in front of the jail, she doesn't even seem to know what's going on, she just remains friendly as ever.

3. SHE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND WHY RACE IS AN ISSUE. She just accepts that it is in her father's cases. However, when it comes to Mrs. Gates talking about persecuting the Jews, she does recognize that what the whites do to the blacks feels an awful lot like that. She still struggles with why that happens though.

Being a coming of age novel, the book demonstrates great growth in Scout during the whole book so she has to be immature at some points for the book to reveal these learning moments.

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