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Hi there!

Have you seen this link?


It will give you more information about the upcoming books.  I'm pretty sure we're still reading Hamlet - is that right, Jamie?

This is a lot of fun!  I wasn't able to participate in the Beowulf discussions like I wanted to (got swamped at school!!), but I'm really excited to re-read Hamlet, too! :)

Jen (MALibrarian)

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Hello All,

I recently joined the Literature 101 course, but it seemed you were finishing up Beowulf, so I wanted to wait for "Hamlet." Are you still planning to read "Hamlet"? I'm looking forward to reading the play again.


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Hi Jamie and Company! :)

Thanks for the invite!  I'm going to go through the Antigone material tonight and tomorrow to catch up (I taught Classical Lit for a couple of years and have read it, so I'm still somewhat familiar with the material), post answers to your questions, and then be ready and raring to go with Beowulf (one of my favorites).

I'm so excited to be doing this!  I love learning and reading, and despite being a bookworm (librarian, English teacher, etc.), I know there are works that I glossed over in college, or simply never encountered.  This will be great! :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Jen (MALibrarian) :)

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